Kelp Noodles Green Tea

Kelp Noodles

Whose idea was this?
Kelp Noodles Green Tea?

Combining tea and a sea vegetable? Wild!

Well, The Whole Foodies know they’re a match made right here on earth and under the sea.

Looks like a noodle right? Tastes like one too!

With a neutral taste and smooth texture, kelp is already the perfect mineral-rich, raw noodle alternative.

Determined to add even more nutrients, The Whole Foodies set out to voyage though picturesque tea fields.

Handpicking green tea leaves and blending them with their mineral-rich kelp, they added powerful antioxidants to every serve!

Green Tea Kelp Noodles are 100% natural, 100% raw and a 100% yum-tastic source of nutrients!

That’s it. The Whole Foodies – Whole. Real. Real.*
*Extra emphasis on the Real.

SIZE – 340g

Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate, Green Tea.